The JUBILEE is dedicated to the following purposes:

  • To deal with trade and promotion of the business of water well drilling, the installation of groundwater systems, and related ground water activities, particularly in the South Atlantic area of the United States; and, to produce a trade show for those interested in the water well drilling and ground water related industries;

  • To provide educational programs designed to improve the professionalism, technical expertise and image of the industry;

  • To cooperate with manufacturers, suppliers, drillers and installers of related ground water systems and their associates in the industry, including particularly state ground water and water well associations located in the South Atlantic region, in all lawful matters of common interest;

  • To act as a trade association for the industry in the South Atlantic region, in cooperation with state water well associations, and to perform services which can better be performed as a group than separately; and,

  • To perform any other lawful acts to help those in the ground water industries to serve the public and promote expansion of the industry.

South Atlantic Jubilee Since 1955

“It will be a Jubilee.” These words were spoken by Russell O. Heater of Raleigh, NC, as he announced his concept for the event now known throughout the well drilling industry as the South Atlantic Well Drillers JUBILEE. Under Heater’s leadership, the first JUBILEE was held in 1955 at Carolina Beach, NC. For years, Heater’s vision of a drilling industry event, emphasizing both business and family relationships, has prevailed. The JUBILEE was, and still is, the industry’s premier conference and trade show and a “family affair.”

“More than any other trade show in the water well industry, the JUBILEE is a people oriented event. Its founders started it to inform, educate, and entertain contractors and their families. In subsequent years hundreds have worked hard for the JUBILEE and thousands more have participated in it. Every one of these people should be recognized for contributing to the JUBILEE’S success.” (Kenneth R. Swanson, History of the South Atlantic Well Drillers JUBILEE)